Petition to the authorities of the Catholic University of Louvain:

The renunciation of Prof. Mercier is a renunciation of Christian witness in the world!

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His Eminence Joseph de Kesel (Grand Chancellor), Their Excellencies Jean-Pierre Delville, Rémy Vancottem and Guy Harpigny, holders of the Organizing Power, Mr. Jean Hilgers (Chairman of the Board) and Professor Vincent Blondel (Rector)

The undersigned wish respectfully to express their astonishment and perplexity following the official declaration of the CUL dissociating itself from a text extracted from the course of Professor Stéphane Mercier which does no more than express the official position of the Catholic Church with regard to Abortion, described by the Second Vatican Council as an "abominable crime".


To remedy this serious misconduct, we ask you to publish an official statement clarifying that, as a Catholic University, the CUL fully and unanimously agrees with the position of this professor.


It is the duty of the University to preserve its own integrity, and to defend its title of “Catholic”, and thus the institution it represents: the Catholic Church.


To honor its Catholic title, the CUL must respect the criteria laid down by Pope John Paul the Second in his Apostolic Constitution on Universities “Ex Corde Ecclesiae”, which is itself based on the Declaration on Christian Education “Gravissimum Educationis” of Pope Paul the Sixth, as follows:


  • In order to fulfill its vocation for the search for truth, a Catholic university must ensure that the disciplines taught and the research conducted maintain the essential link with the Supreme Truth which is God, and ensure that they are used for the genuine good of individuals and of human society; 
  • In order to represent a lasting, universal public presence of Christian thought in the cultural world, and in order that its students may become true witnesses of faith in the world, a Catholic university must remain faithful to the Christian message as it is presented by the Church;
  • In order to contribute fully to the expansion of the growing treasure of human knowledge, professors at a Catholic university must strive to "situate the content, objectives, methods and results of research in each discipline in the context of a coherent vision of the world", and "being witnesses and educators of a genuine Christian life, demonstrating the integration between faith and culture, professional competence and Christian wisdom".

It is precisely this vocation of a Catholic university that Professor Stéphane Mercier has endeavored to respect in his course, and it is as a result of this fidelity that he is today thrown into personal and professional turmoil, with the disgraceful connivance of his own employer, the Catholic University of Louvain.


In disavowing Prof. Mercier, the CUL would disavow itself, and would merit the stern warning of Our Lord to the Apostles: "You are the salt of the earth; But if salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot.” (Mt 5:13).


Respectfully Yours,

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